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  1. Find Facebook ID in two simple steps | Find Facebook ID
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Raw Blame History. Also includes historical dev services and source control bugs. The robustclone extension is heavily used in Firefox automation to manage cloning and checkouts. This includes the bookmarks menu, add and modify bookmarks dialogs and the bookmarks manager. This component does not cover: backend networking issues, such as those covered by Networking: FTP or Networking: File, nor does it cover the Download Manager which has its own component in the Toolkit product.

This includes toplevel and context menus. Find-in-page bugs belong in Toolkit::Find Toolbar instead. Report non-security issues there. Use this component for security bugs in EM products other than Rocket. Includes clients for services and misc JS utility functions. This is the correct place to file. While Firefox has a Do Not Track feature that tells websites not to monitor your behavior, companies are not required to honor it. Includes any site under the. Listing and managing add-ons and their settings.

Find Facebook ID in two simple steps | Find Facebook ID

Messenger and Yahoo! JAPAN protocols.

This tool allows web authors to better understand the state and properties of the accessibility tree. This tool allows web developers to list and debug service workers as well as visualize and edit local storage. This includes developer-related APIs and front-end features. The rollout out plan should be in the user story for the bug. Don't use this component for Studies. However, the initial part of your rollout may be done as an experiment.

Issues with server problems should continue to go in the Server Operations component. When in doubt, use this component.

  • Iconfinder designer report Q4 12222.
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This includes physical machines in any of Mozilla's colos, as well as instances in AWS. Most likely, your problem can fit in one of the other components so this component should be rarely used. Generally, problems found are within the compose window before sending a message. A few examples: 1.

Problems with addressing a mail message or adding an attachment. If the problem you are encountering is with the user interface of the address book or of accessing mail, then this component should not be chosen. User interface and functionality problems with creating, editing, deleting, using filters. Incoming mail is not filtered properly. Also, Import Address Book entries and preferences.

This process involves identifying the locales that must be supported, designing features which support those locales, and writing code needed. When this problem happens, it's often useful to attach a copy of the mail message generating the problem. If you have Communicator 4. The contents of a message do not display properly. Certain items do not show up.

This is UNIX only. This component should be chosen if you've verified that the receiving problem is specific to IMAP protocol. Interoperability problems with IMAP servers i. This component should be chosen if you've verified that the receiving problem is specific to POP protocol. Deleting messages to the trash folder would also fall into this component.

This feature allows a non-messaging application to perform messaging operations, such as send, address, and receive messages. Leaked passwords but don't know if they've been used? It goes here. The RRA is high level and lightweight. These entries represent the risks and recommendations made.

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  6. When a threat model or analysis is requested on a large service ie, larger than a quick reply in a bug , an RRA is required to ensure that the security recommendations cover the areas of concerns of the service. May include a validation component, depending on scope. This does not include services that are deployed on-location with the workers. This component includes the workers themselves and the services deployed on-location with them. End-user facing bugs should almost never go here. Compatibility issues that affect one database but not another should go here. Driver issues found by developers that affect database access should go here.

    Everything else should generally go in some other appropriate component. This is for bugs about the extensions system or extensions that ship with Bugzilla such as BmpConvert or the Example extension. Please include a link to the query or buglist if possible in your request. Please note, we will no longer be creating new custom forms and instead will provide a framework for users to create their own easily.


    See admin for details. This component is about the wrapper interface between xpcom and ICAL. Bug example: Incorrect timezone calculations. For example: Lightning menus, toolbars, Thunderbird integration, preferences etc. Note that localization issues should be reported to the Mozilla Localization project.

    For example: SeaMonkey integration, preferences, etc. Please use the relevant UI component for any Theme-related issues. For example: toolbars, menu items, sunbird specific preferences, etc. If it applies only to tasks file it here, if it applies to tasks and events file it in the view component.

    Bugs in the on-line help documentation should be reported at the calendarhelp project. An example of appropriate bug would be feature requests to understand the status of localizations, both from a localizer and organizational perspective. Bugs in this component likely depend on actual implementations in other components, for example build or webdev.

    Bugs in this category will typically be moved to another media category during the triage process. This is the code that glues the openh plugin and EME plugins to the browser. This would also typically include decoding problems in the codecs themselves e. VP8, VP9, H. NOT for Thunderbird Autoconfiguration.

    Iconfinder designer report Q3 12222

    Accessibility APIs allow 3rd party products, such as screen readers used by visually impaired users, to communicate with our content and UI. This component is not for keyboard, focus or any accessibility bugs other than those relating to the APIs we export. Previously called Webshell. Includes both the back-end and the front-end Cleopatra. For issues with font selection, text shaping, and glyph selection, see the Layout: Text and Fonts component.

    If Firefox or Seamonkey can display an image when loaded separately from the page, ImageLib is working, and the actual imaging bug exists elsewhere within Firefox or Seamonkey.

    Price / Tax History

    This process involves identifying the locales that must be supported, designing features which support those locales, and writing the code needed. Examples: String. This includes issues with ::first-letter and ::first-line. This includes loading, layout, and rendering of CSS images such as in background-image , and the layout of HTML img, picture, video, iframe, frame, and frameset elements.

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    5. Iconfinder designer report Q4 12222.
    6. Also includes issues with rendering of the regular text caret and the accessible caret. For this, we need to construct sightlines from the simulation box. We use the following method for calculating the absorption spectra: i we first extract sightlines parallel to the box boundaries through the most massive dark matter haloes in the simulation box. In addition, there is a large scatter around the median value once self-shielding is taken into account. However, the scatter remains similar to that observed in the SS case.

      Note also we have not used any information from the large box, i. The results are shown for three different prescriptions for self-shielding and for two values of the background photoionization rate assumed to be uniform. The two upper rows show results for the default reionization model, while the two lower rows show results for the late reionization model. The self-shielding is implemented according to the SS-R model. The maps are coloured according to the transmissivity of the nearest emitter as seen in projection.

      The maps are coloured according to the transmissivity of the nearest halo as seen in projection, where a 2D Voronoi tessellation is used for colouring the maps. The top two rows are for the default model, while the bottom two are for the late reionization model.